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Everyone has ideas, but only a few of us have the passion to make them a reality. Join us, and learn how to put your future firmly in your hands.

The only constant in today’s world is change. You can either be at its mercy, or be a driver of it. At the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, we are building an army of change agents.

For all of us, our importance is based on the impact we have on others. Clearly knowing our own values and dreams is critical to success in life. We can help you find clarity in defining your vision and personal mission. The Keenan Center’s mission is clear – we exist to support the lifecycle of dreams and ideas. Let us help you shape your dream into something tangible. 

What to Expect at the Keenan Center?


The Keenan Center gives you:

  • access to the center facilities, including 3D printers, a digital media/recording studio, and a virtual/augmented reality station 
  • the chance to work with mentors over your years in The Heights to develop a new business or grow your current business
  • the opportunity to participate in 澳门六合彩资料's Dolphin Tank Program, competing for startup funding ($50,000 in total awarded to our student entrepreneurs).
  • travel opportunities to entrepreneurial hubs like Columbus, NYC, Washington, DC and more...

Innovation Is Waiting for You

The Community of Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Creatives is our exclusive community of students and faculty who want to learn by doing, are passionate about innovation, and want to build a better world. If you are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey, this is the group for you. Benefits of joining us include access to funding opportunities, mentorships, featured speakers, travel opportunities, and more.

Ready to join us? Applications open for accepted first year students in February and are due March 15.

Real World Experience and Real World Money


The Keenan Center community prides ourselves on the success and joy of our students. The ENI Minor introduces students to the entrepreneurial method and heavily focuses on learning from doing. The doing often involves launching their own business. Our annual Dolphin Tank competition allows students to compete for $50,000 in real money to start their businesses, and currently over 20 businesses started in the Tank are growing to this day. Our externship program, ‘Phin Labs, places students into established global and regional companies embedded in high-tech, cutting edge and new economy businesses to sharpen their skills. Students have full access to our MakerSpace, and regularly put in position to help first-stage businesses launch.

Our Programs of Study

Entrepreneurship Poster

Whether you want to own your own business or be a part of the gig economy (aka side hustles), the  uniquely positions you to pursue your passions, and craft a career around something you truly love. You'll get hands-on experience working with businesses in the real world, and will be mentored by professors who have built and run businesses across industries, including social justice, social media, manufacturing, product development, fashion and more.

Keenan Center Leadership

Mike D’Eredita, PhD ‘92 is the The Keenan Center’s director, bringing decades of launching companies to our team. He is joined my James Shomar and Hasan Stephens, our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Doug Hill is our Maker and creative leader, and head of the Maker Space, and Matt Read, Professor of Practice, helps craft our student and center brands and marketing.


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鈥淗ere is a space where you can make and create and ask those questions. Let鈥檚 all discover together.鈥

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Jamie Sonneville

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鈥淪urround yourself with the brightest and best people you possibly can."

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