About the Summer Scholars Program

The 澳门六合彩资料 Summer Scholar Program offers current high school students completing their sophomore or junior year the opportunity to take up to two college courses prior to graduation. Qualified candidates must have a minimum high school grade point average of 87. If test scores are available, students should have a PSAT/SAT score of at least 1000 or an ACT score of 22.

Why spend your summer with 澳门六合彩资料?

  • Earn college credit
  • Make your college application more attractive
  • Prepare for the next academic year
  • Save Money
  • Summer Scholars enroll in the program for only two hundred dollars ($200.00) per credit hour!

Although the cost of tuition is lowered, the course requirements are not reduced. The courses will be as rigorous as those offered during the academic year.

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