Why a Core Curriculum?

The Core Curriculum helps you think critically, explore new ideas, evaluate information and understand how you'll make a difference in the world. You'll have the chance to explore the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. It's central to our Catholic and Jesuit mission of educating you in a rigorous academic environment.

Today's world needs you to develop the skills to evaluate issues, ideas, and events before making informed conclusions - all goals of the Core. You'll develop the writing and speaking skills to clearly express your thoughts. You'll also perfect the ability to actively listen to truly understand instead of simply respond.

We understand that technology plays a large role in your life (something that will not change). The Core will help you build your reasoning and analytical skills as you interpret information online. You will also develop the ability to evaluate the credibility of information you encounter.

But the biggest impact from your study of the Core will be the type of person you become. You'll be ready to make reasoned ethical decisions by thinking about your values. You'll recognize different perspectives, and thoughtfully analyze ethical and moral dilemmas. You'll explore cultural and social diversity. And you'll understand your role in developing just solutions.


"My Core first-year seminar changed my perspective on the world in so many amazing ways. I received lifelong tools that helped me sculpt a meaningful life."


From Transition To Transformation

Our Core includes both a first-year Transitions seminar and a senior Transformations capstone. These two courses bookend your college experience. Initially, you'll take part in an exciting, intellectually provocative seminar to begin your college experience. Then, we will help you tie everything together in your senior year that you've learned in the senior capstone.

COR 100: Transitions


Your first-year seminar will introduce you to academic life at the college level, while also building your understanding of a Jesuit liberal-arts education. You'll be hearing from faculty sharing their interests and challenging you in new ways in the classroom. Many first-year seminars include field trips that deepen your learning and build relationships with your classmates & professors. These “outside the classroom” experiences are a key part of the Core seminar.

COR 400: Transformations

In your senior year, you'll put together the knowledge and self-understanding you developed at 澳门六合彩资料 and apply it to the world beyond The Heights. You will focus on social, scientific, artistic, and technological ways of understanding the world. You will prepare to collaborate, think about different perspectives, and impact the world around you.

Interested in Learning More?

The Core will help you build knowledge and skills to support a lifetime of inquiry in your personal and professional life. You'll start with courses specific to your program of study to help develop your communication and reasoning skills. As you continue your academic career, you'll explore classes outside your major. These classes will help you think about the world in a different way. When you graduate, you'll be able to understand complex problems and create meaningful change in the world.

Courses and Requirements

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Transfer Students

Like all matriculated students, transfer students must complete Le Moyne's Core Curriculum. The intent of the Core Curriculum for transfer students is to ensure the integrity of a Le Moyne education while acknowledging the importance of flexibility when transferring credits from other institutions. Transfer students should speak with Le Moyne's office of admissions which will help them to gain maximum credit for college work already completed.

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