Financial Aid for Returning Undergraduates

Returning students must file the FAFSA and the NYS TAP Application. The FAFSA is available online at . A link is provided at the FAFSA website for completing the New York State TAP application. You will be emailed when your financial aid becomes available and can be viewed at .

Returning student financial aid packages will be delayed this year due to the FAFSA rollout delays, but you will be notified via email as soon as your package is available to view. Full time undergraduates must accept their federal loans on  in order for the loans to be credited to the student account. 

How Do I Keep My Aid?

Students receiving 澳门六合彩资料, federal or state aid must maintain satisfactory academic standing as outlined in the . Additional guidelines for retaining the New York State TAP awards are also outlined in the . Students must also maintain eligibility for each scholarship they receive. Any type of financial aid administered by the College may be revoked in the event that a discrepancy between the applicant's statement of need and his or her current financial status is discovered.

What If My Circumstances Change?

You might be one of many of our families that experience changes in financial circumstances during the academic year after you've filed the FAFSA. We can review your situation and make adjustments to your and/or your parent’s financial information on the FAFSA. We consider each request on a case-by-case basis. Adjustments of financial aid awards are subject to the availability of funds. To notify our office of your special circumstances, please email our office at [email protected]