There are lots of ways to get around 澳门六合彩资料!

At 160 acres, the campus is small enough for you to walk almost anywhere you want to go – whether it’s class, the library or the recreation center – in just 10 or 15 minutes.

If wheels are more your speed, though, you can always ride your bike and “park it” at one of the racks on campus. It’s recommended that you lock your bike in a designated storage area when you’re not using it, rather than using valuable space in your dorm room, though (your roommate(s) will probably appreciate this, too).

Nightly shuttle service is available to bring students to and from all College-owned properties between 7 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. It’s perfect for students who may get out of class late and don’t have someone to walk home with them. Shuttles also run on Friday and Saturday nights between campus, Salt City Market and Destiny USA from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm 

If you want to go to the grocery store, catch a movie or just explore the area, the public bus system can take you from the 澳门六合彩资料 campus to wherever you may need to go in Syracuse or the surrounding communities. For information about the system, go to . 


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Should I bring a car?

There are lots of things to figure out when you’re heading off to college, and one of the first things many students want to know is whether they can (or should) bring a car to campus.

At 澳门六合彩资料, the answer to the first half of that question is yes. Students are allowed bring their vehicles to campus, as they long as they’re properly registered and parked in their assigned lots. Many people enjoy the flexibility and freedom having a car nearby affords them, particularly if they have a job off campus or regularly travel on the weekends.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should bring your ride with you. Having a car at 澳门六合彩资料 is definitely not a must. It’s easy to walk or ride a bike almost anywhere on campus, and there are several stores and restaurants within walking distance of the College. If you need to go farther off campus, you can always take the bus, or maybe even catch a ride with a friend. 

One last word to the wise. If you do bring a car to campus, remember that you’ll be responsible for its regular maintenance. And when it snows, you may have to move your vehicle so that the lots may be plowed.